About Us

We are a number of young people who find that for the word revolution there is an ideological aspect which is often hidden, under the belief that revolution itself is connected to destruction. We believe that revolution is rebirth and creation. All members of this team come from different backgrounds, are graduate from different fields but altogether hold a diverse and powerful potential to highlight any act, idea or practice that serves higher standards and has at its centre the people and society itself. Our hope is to grow and inspire those who now, amidst recession, start to pursuit their dreams and are pessimistic. We aim to show that there is no excuse enough to stop their way. We Hope to contribute to ease the pain in people around us, and provide them a broad spectrum of alternative choices and stimuli from the fields of art and science.

You may choose to see our organisational structure and our board of directors, our history and how it all begun, as well as our scope as expressed from our President.