Our History

The love and concern of Evi and Stathis Minaidis about the various suffering groups in Greece became the inspiration for ‘Give Hope’, which was founded on the 18th of January 2007. As denoted by its name, ‘Give Hope’ was born to provide tangible and emotional aid to those in need by its charity work directly or indirectly through other organisations based in Greece. The past four years ‘Give Hope’ has helped children suffering from severe diseases; has provided aid to mothers suffering from cancer; has united families that were driven apart by the strenuous psychological stress brought about by decease; has given infrastructure to hospitals and orphanages and has actively supported other humanitarian causes pursued by other non-profit organisations. All these were made possible through the tremendous devotion of Evi Minaidis and the friends of ‘Give Hope’ all this time and who continue to support it. Many fundraising events were held in order to collect the necessary capital to assist giving hope and aid to people around us that need it the most.

It is exactly this love and devotion in philanthropy that has made Evi Minaidis pass the torch to the new generation of members of ‘Give Hope’. The group of young people driving ‘Give Hope’ now have to achieve the difficult task of continuing the work amidst unfavourable circumstances. To set the scene, new ideas and new people sharing the same devotion and interest for the benefit of those suffering and trying to maintain the same quality of care and focus on people.