Give Hope just like any other organisation need financial aid, but for us money is definitely not the only way someone can donate Hope to those in need. Under this spectrum, time alone is a generous donation from any individual, in order to understand and learn our work. Furthermore, people who help the diffusion of our achievements add important value to our organisation. Besides time, expertise in various fields or even ideas will help us save resources or better utilise them in a way that will optimise our potential or generate other fundamentals necessary for our operations.

There is a great deal of people’s initiatives able to offer solutions and help to those in need around us, or create a variety of compelling events with diverse social, cultural and artistic background. A great example is our creative team which deserves our admiration for their zeal and devotion to their work which resulted in meritorious philanthropic activities.

We will be excited to see your interest in action. We would appreciate greatly individuals or companies that could aid us financially. You may contact us through our email address found in various places on this website to guide you with the process. Alternatively you may use PayPal button for secure online money transactions or make a deposit through your bank straight to our account with the beneficiary details found below:



IBAN:  GR3401401120 112002002018722


In bank deposits please don’t forget to contact us in any way preferable in order to get your details correctly and issue the relevant receipt that you should rightfully have.

For those who can’t or don’t wish to donate money, we urge them to donate their ideas, expertise or any other suggestion that will prove useful for the people we help and our organisation as a whole.