What We Do

In-Hospital Support

Give Hope cooperates with various Athens based hospitals of the Greek National Health Service and provides medical and psychological support to patients in need and their environment. Our services are always offered for FREE and as an addition to the support given from medical and paramedical staff, and in accordance to the treating doctors and clinical directors of these hospitals. Our volunteers also help in the scientific research executed, either in active research fields or by processing data and gathering necessary information.

Prevention Information Culture

Give Hope actively pursuits to inform the public in sensitive matters of medical prevention. We try to organise in conjunction with hospitals, official authorities or anyone who is interested and affiliated with these matters, events that promote education & information regarding physical and mental health. Our goal is to fight myths around certain diseases, better inform people about what they should or shouldn’t do and generally improve the utilisation of the Greek NH services from the public. Additionally Give Hope with its Creative Group organises various cultural events which associate and are stimulated from various different aspects of our lives through art, science and everyday experience. It aims to be a productive and artistic look of contemporary city life and our inner need to express ourselves through people.

Social Medical Practice
for patients with Cancer

Give Hope has taken full responsibility of the psychological support of patients suffering from cancer who lack of social security coverage and attend the practice as well as their families. Throughout the days the social medical practice is active, specialised psychologists, provide their services free giving extra care and attention for those in need. Give Hope further embeds to this attempt by providing the hospital admission fees for these people, medication and various expendables for their treatment. The initiative for this Oncology Social Medical Practice , whose active partner is Give Hope, has the approval and support of the National Organisation for Medicines (ΕΟΦ), the Hellenic Cancer Society, the “Sotiria” General Hospital and the Medical School of Athens. The practice attends and supports about 90 patients with cancer who don’t have social security.

Anti-Smoking Centre

Give Hope has devoted time and resources for the creation of an anti-smoking centre, under the guidance and support of specialised doctors of Oncology Units and other healthcare professionals. This centre will try to actively help people get over the smoking addiction, which is scientifically proven to be major cause for various types of cancer, and primary cause for subtypes of Lung Cancer.

Future Plans

Give Hope’s ambitions and goals do not stop at what we have already achieved. We aim to extend our efforts broadly to point any type of action or attempt that focus on people and quality as a standard. Actions and efforts that will highlight the potential and dynamic of a generation that should not stay in the shadow of the corrupt and mediocre frame of reference of our times. Our goal will be to expand in other cities, with similar or new ways of operation. Our choice will be to create a link and point of reference for anyone who wishes to change the world around him and has lost hope and courage.