‘Give Hope’ provides free and under no eligibility criteria counselling services and holistic support for patients suffering from cancer and people in their environment. ‘Give Hope’ is supported by a wide range of healthcare professionals (Oncologists, Psychiatrists – Psychologists, Social workers) who all contribute to provide high quality care services to those who need it, filling the gaps and insufficiencies of Greek Public hospitals. At our offices group and family counselling sessions are held every day by specialists with experience on these subjects. General advice and group discussions are also performed.

Under the care of our professionals every case will be analysed individually to establish the needs and expectations of each person from the programmes that are executed from us. Our network includes healthcare professionals in Greece and abroad in order to achieve fast, high quality and up to date delivery of service. ‘Give Hope’ will help you resolve issues regarding life with cancer and what comes after. At the same time we learn every day from you and try to create innovative solutions for the problems and issues that affect patients with cancer and their families through research and experience. Collective experience is a powerful tool that provides the base to explore and actively help you achieve a better quality of life. Upon request you can join free of charge any of our family or group counselling sessions or participate in discussions and information talks. Depending on your interests you can be further involved to assist our cycle of learning and actively contribute to create knowledge that will help others.

‘Give Hope’ does not provide medical services nor aims to replace your doctor under no circumstances. We do not intervene in the choice of treatment and we do not provide any form of alternative treatment for cancer patients. Our goal is to inform and help resolve issues that affect patients with cancer and people in their environment, shed light into myths that make patients suffer unnecessarily and psychologically support them. Our mission is to Give Hope and improve the quality of life for those who need it the most.